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Why do badger brushes lose hairs?


Badger brushes lose hair in two ways: (1) hairs slide out because they were not secured into the knot during the manufacturing process, and (2) hairs break off due to improper use or care. It is common for a new shaving brush to lose 3-4 hairs per shave during the first 1-3 months of use, but this should decrease and completely stop after several shaves. Don't be alarmed; the knot of the average shaving brush contains thousands of individual badger hairs so losing a few will cause no noticeable effect on the brush's density or performance qualities. On the other hand, if your brush is losing 10 or more hairs per shave, then your new brush may be defective. If a brush is not shedding and suddenly begins losing hairs, especially after being used for several months with no problems, you should evaluate how you use and care for your brush. Learn more by reading The Facts on Brush Shedding.


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