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How long does a puck of shaving soap last?


Shaving soaps are by far one of the most economical shaving items that money can buy. How long a puck of soap will last will vary from one brand to the next because not all soaps are made with the same ingredients. Shaving soaps fall in to two categories: (1) glycerine-based soaps, and (2) hard soaps. Glycerine-based soaps are generally softer and will wear down more quickly than hard soaps. Glycerine soaps are usually inexpensive, which make them an attractive buy for many people. Most quality glycerine soaps, such as those made by Colonel Conk, can easily last up to 2 months of daily use. Hard soaps, on the other hand, are generally made of heavier oils, such as tallow or palm. They are generally much denser in texture and produce much higher quality lather than the cheaper glycerine-based soaps. A quality hard soap from producers such as Geo F. Trumper or D.R. Harris will last significantly longer than its glycerine counterparts. These soaps can easily last 4 to 6 months of daily use.


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