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What is Method Shaving?


Method shaving is a shaving system developed by Charles A. Roberts. It includes two factors: product and technique. Traditional wet shaving dictates that men shave with the grain usually followed by a second (or third) pass going across it, then another pass against it. This becomes a guessing game in figuring out which way your hair grows and the angles that you should shave. Charles simplified the process by developing a system of three "cutting forms" -- each is a specific area of the face that has its own shaving style regardless of your beard growth or skin type. He has created directional guides that make it easy for any man to shave as quickly and efficiently as possible.

In addition, Charles created an all-natural shaving product line named Hydrolast that is different from traditional products (e.g., shaving cream, aftershave). Hydrolast comprises many individual shaving products that can be combined to customize your shave. The three main products include cutting balm, shaving primer, and wet shaving paste, which can be used in combination with other products depending on if you have dry or oily skin, sensitive skin, or other factors. Men with in-grown hairs and other problems have had a very high success rate with Method Shaving. Learn more in my article on Method Shaving for Newbies.


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