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Feather Razor "Pleana" Blades

by Feather
$13.99 USD


The ultimate blending of Tradition and Technology "Pleana" razor blades are specifically designed for use in the "Pleana" razor. Both the razor's body and the blade work in unison to maintain the optimum angle to assure the closest and smoothest possible shave.

Here's how it's done: Simultaneously keeping both the razor's body and the blade's edge in contact with the skin the designed angle of 19.5 degrees is maintained. This angle matches the razor's edge bevel assuring a perfect shave every time! The razor blade itself is housed in a Stainless Steel one-body flared shaped holder with a patented dimpled design. The flared shape stretches the skin and the dimples stand up the hairs for cutting. Fast easy and comfortable! "Pleana" blades come packed in their own dispenser tray ready to be slid into the razor without ever touching the blade itself. Safe! The "Pleana" razor and its companion blades make it possible for anyone to enjoy the closeness and quality of a traditional straight razor shave without a long learning curve or the additional equipment and attendant maintenance.