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Delta's Indios Limited Edition Fountain Pen

$694.99 USD

ClassicShaving is proud to showcase Delta pens from Italy.

Delta's award winning designers and pen makers bring generations of experience to create prized writing instruments for the world's most demanding writers and collectors. Indios Limited Edition Lateral Fill Fountain Pen (Medium Nib) Irmaos no Mundo"Brothers in the World"

With this very special pen Delta celebrates the indigenous people of the Amazon. Many of the estimated 2000 nations and tribes of the Amazon which existed in1500 died out as a consequence of European settlement and many more were assimilated into the Brazilian population. Only a few tribes still survive with their original culture in remote areas of the Amazon Rainforest. Changes in Brazil's governmental policies over the past 50 years have managed to afford some protection to the remaining indigenous peoples. A somewhat dated linguistic survey found 188 living indigenous languages with 155000 total speakers. This special limited edition is hand turned from solid bars of a special brown Hevea (rubber plant) and Black Colored Resins. The Black and Hevea Resins are divided by a handcarved vermeil (sterling silver 925% and gold plated) ring. The black resin is tapered with a disk engraved with the limited edition number.The capuchon placed in the end of the cap offers a disk portraying a parrot, a symbol of the Amazon. Filling System: This pen offers the most traditional filling system the lateral lever filling system widely appreciated by collectors and pen connoisseurs. Clip: The clip is athree-dimensional representation of the Amazonian "Kayabi" Cluband is cast in Vermeil. Nib: The 18-karat solid gold nib is specially designed customized and flexible. Is engraved with a depiction of an Amazonian terracotta plate the "Kadiweu".