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$100 Off Buffalo Horn Damascus Straight Razor and Luxury Shave Set

39 reviews
Save 61%
Original price $259.00 USD
Current price $99.75 USD

SHAVE READY - While Supplies Last!

GB Buffalo Horn Damascus Steel Straight Razor
and Grim Dollar 208 Straight Razor
With Luxury Shave Set!

Damascus Razor & The Blades Grim Luxury Shave Set:

Today's Special Includes:

You Get 1 - Grim Dollar 208 Straight Razor Shave Ready

You Get 1 - Dulled (For Practice) Buffalo Damascus Steel Practice

You Get 1 - 3" Synthetic or 2" Leather Upgrade Strop for Sharpening

You Get 1 - Grim Hand Poured Shaving Soap

You Get 1 - Classic Razor Box with Gold Etching

You Get 1 - Premium Shaving Brush

You Get 1 - Lifetime Sharpen/Hone Service on Gold Dollar

$259.99 Regular Price Total Value - Buy Now & $SAVE$

This is the perfect set for anyone wanting to start straight shaving. You get an heirloom quality show piece Damascus Steel Straight Razor. This blade is perfect for learning the art of straight shaving and stropping without the worry.  Then once you have the art mastered you can move on to your Gold Dollar 208 straight razor. You will also get a coupon with this set good for up to $75 off your next purchase!

This is the perfect gift set! We reserve the right to remove this deal without notice. Enjoy and thank you for visiting. 

*Depending on inventory, you may be automatically upgraded to a Grim Dollar Straight Razor at no extra cost. Please allow 5-10 business days for shipping, due to supply chain issues and high order volume.

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Tim H.
United States United States
Luxury Shave Set

The shave ready razor was perfect, However; the "dull" Damascus razor was not what I was expecting The buffalo Scales were defective and the overall razor was just not quality construction. I had intentions of sending the razor to Classic to be sharpened and and honed, but given the quality it is unlikely invest in making this particular razor a shave ready instrument.

Carl H.
United States United States
Heck of a nice razor; price was even better !!

Got this razor just before Christmas; heck of a nice set;; used it imeadately and re-sharpened the blade after. I even took the set the local barber shop to show off;;;; they all said I got a great deal ! Now its been a full week since I got the razor; used it every day; with no nicks or cuts. With some straight razors costing well into the hundreds of dollars;; its nice to see one thats offordable

Nicole L.
United States United States
Christmas shaver

This is a wonderful product and the engraving is beautiful! My husband loves it!

  • Have You Ever Tried a Pre-Shave Oil or Lotion? No
  • Do you prefer a Shave Soap or Cream? Soap
  • Do you prefer a Safety Razor or Straight Razor? Straight
  • How long have you been Wet Shaving? 1 yr
Robert K.
United States United States
Great shave for a fantastic price!

Overall experience was excellent. The price was amazing (too good to pass up). When the set arrived it was complete (as pictured). The shaving razor was almost shave ready - just needed some passes on the strop to get it squared away. The soap and synthetic brush are wonderful.

  • Have You Ever Tried a Pre-Shave Oil or Lotion? No - I use hot water on a towel to soften my beard and allow the hair to raise as I'm lathering.
  • Do you prefer a Shave Soap or Cream? Soap
  • Do you prefer a Safety Razor or Straight Razor? I have had safety razors for years but have recently changed to a straight razor. It's a different experience I really enjoy.
  • How long have you been Wet Shaving? about a year
A Classic Shaving Customer
Jon H.
United States United States
Still Getting Started

I was heading out onto the Appalachian Trail when the kit arrived and I was growing my trail beard so that it wouldn't be this bothersome scratchy mass of facial hair driving me crazy, so this had to wait my return. Upon return, I cut down the long growth, and I thought I wet my face enough, but in reality I usually shave right out of the shower, but on this occasion, I simply tried to wet my face enough to get going, and then I applied the wet lather. All in all I think I did fine for the first go. I don't have all the right moves for all those tight spots, so I supplemented with my safety razor where I didn't want to open my throat onto the bathroom floor. I feel like it was as good a shave as I have had, and the single straight razor did a fine job where I let it. Now, to be perfectly honest, I don't have any real experience with straight razors, so I really can't tell you whether this blade is a great blade or not. I stropped it and used it, and it did what I asked it to do. Perhaps that is enough.

  • Have You Ever Tried a Pre-Shave Oil or Lotion? I have not yet tried. Maybe in my future.
  • Do you prefer a Shave Soap or Cream? Shave Soap
  • Do you prefer a Safety Razor or Straight Razor? Presently I will supplement the Straight with the Safety
  • How long have you been Wet Shaving? two years