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Genuine Ogallala Bay Rum Double Strength Aftershave 4 oz

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Made in Nebraska USA

Genuine Ogallala Bay Rum has been gaining fans at a rapid clip since its inception in 2006. Careful attention was paid to match its authentic bay rum scent to the traditional bay rum scent remembered from the barbershops of yesteryear. Experience a true gentleman's classic with Ogallala's 4oz. Double Strength Aftershave. In the words of the Genuine Ogallala Bay Rum company itself: "From 1870-1885 Ogallala was the destination of countless cowboys driving cattle north from Texas to the railhead. It's a sure bet that as the boys hit town one of their first stops was a barbershop for a bath shave and a haircut. After being splashed (quite generously) with the barber's own special mix of Bay Rum he was ready to hit the saloon and talk to the young ladies who were anxious to sell him drinks...we'll leave it at that. The decades have taken their toll on dance hall girls and that great old fragrance - Bay Rum. While we can't do much about the dance hall girls...(nobody's wives will let them) we can bring back that great old fashioned fragrance(s)

- Bayrum & Vanilla, Bayrum & Sage& Cedar, Bayrum & Lime & Peppercorn and of course, the Original Special Reserve

Genuine Ogallala Bay Rum is simply the best you'll find!"