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Chromium Oxide Edge Smoothing Compound (Green):

Properly used on bench or hanging strops it takes the "bite" out of a very sharp aggressive edge. Over-use will decrease the closeness of the shave. Yet proper use will give you the smoothest edge you have ever experienced with no loss of closeness.This product is suitable for use after our Chinese 12000 or Belgian coticule hones. At times it is also useful after our white lapping paste. Some settling may occur. Mix well before application.

White Lapping Paste (White):

The paste to use when going one step sharper than your finish hones. This sub-micron paste will bring your razor to it's sharpest without imparting additional harshness to your shave. This compound does not contain Diamond so your edge just gets sharper without becoming harsh.This product is suitable for use after our Chinese 12000 or Belgian coticule hones.Some settling may occur. Mix well before application.

Lapping Pastes are normally applied to balsa or leather bench hones and also to leather, canvas, and wool hanging strops.The objective is for the lapping paste to fill the pores in your hone or strop material. But you don't want it to coat the surface. With your fingers rub in a generous amount of paste to completely cover the surface and fill all voids. Then with a paper towel wipe all the excess paste off the surface. When you are only getting a trace of lapping paste on your paper towel your hone or strop will be ready for use. Some experimentation will be required to get the results you prefer. We suggest starting with ten back and forth passes with your razor on the lapping surface.

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