The Grim Dollar Revolver

The Blades Grim

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The Grim Dollar Revolver-
The Grim Dollar Revolver-
The Grim Dollar Revolver-

The Grim Dollar Revolver

 This Replaceable Blade Straight Razor Shaver is the Grim Dollar Revolver. Rest assured you're getting the best deal. This straight razor is like what the barbershops use, it has replaceable blades. It is not designed to last a lifetime, but rather be affordable enough to use and replace blades as needed. Comes with 1 blade in the holder and 10 extra blades. Will fit other replaceable straight razor blades. This straight razor does not require sharpening, simply replace the blades with the disposable extras and make sure to dry properly when finished, to get as much use out of each blade as possible. Maintenance is as easy as that. This is the most affordable way to learn how to straight razor shave.


  • One Grim Dollar Revolver 
  • 10 pack replacement blades 


Optional 6 Piece Luxury Shave Set (+ $28)

This set has all the essentials except the shaving apparatus itself. Designed to be the ideal set for long time wet shavers looking to switch up their routine, or someone that may be happy with their cartridge, but looking for some better options that the junk foam that comes in a can. This set is comprised of our best selling items, in one easy to purchase and money saving product. 

 Set includes:

  • Smolder Pre-Shave Oil 1 oz - By The Blades Grim
  • Smolder Luxury Shaving Soap - By The Blades Grim
  • Smolder Aftershave 1 oz - By The Blades Grim
  • Satin Tip The Purest - Black Synthetic Hair Shaving Brush
  • Synthetic Hair Brush Travel Case 
  • Wet Shaving How To Guide
    The Grim Dollar Revolver-
    The Grim Dollar Revolver-
    The Grim Dollar Revolver-

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