Tuf-Cloth Multi-Purpose Dry Protectant

Sentry Solutions

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Made in the USA

Sentry Solutions' Tuf-Cloth Multi-Purpose Dry Protectant is made of a special lint-free, woven material that has been saturated with Tuf-Glide Protectant. It's ideal for wiping blades and handles to protect them from rust and corrosion while on display or during periods of non-use. It's especially recommended for use in climates with high humidity, and comes packaged in a special vapor-barrier pouch for long life.

This Tuf-Cloth can be refreshed over and over again with Tuf-Glide Protectant, a fast-drying, water-displacing Micro-Bonding Crystal Barrier that guards against rust, friction and wear. This makes the cloth very economical as it can be used indefinitely.

Tested and used by the Navy Seals.

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