Made In The USA

At Classic Shaving, we take great pride at offering shaving gear made in the USA. Buying American helps support small business owners and artisans who thrive in and stimulate the United States’ economy. The products found on this page are crafted by skilled craftsman and artisans with the very utmost attention to details and quality. Our selections of American made razors are meticulously crafted from beginning to finish by one skilled artisan from Hart Steel. These razors are of heirloom quality, and sure to provide the best shave you’ve ever experienced!

From American made shave soap to leather goods, Classic Shaving makes it even easier to shop for shaving gear made in the USA, by providing a page full of incredible American made products. When you’re looking for the best in men’s shaving and other gentlemanly goods, make your only choice. When we shop American made, we help create more jobs, and support the skills of those just like us.