Diamond Sharpening Paste, 4 Grades

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Diamond Sharpening Paste

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21st Century technology revolutionizes straight razor honing! The Amplex Super Abrasives division of Saint-Gobain Abrasives makers of the Norton Waterstone again have come to the rescue of honing-challenged straight razor users with the introduction of their Diamond Sharpening Pastes. Whether you're just learning or are an experienced pro- using diamond sharpening pastes will give you a better shaving edge and consequently a better shave.

Available in 4 grades of abrasive grit. Please choose from the dropdown menu above.

#1/4 Micron Grade Paste contains diamond abrasive particles in the 0.0 to .5 micron size range and is one of the finest grades available. It will produce a highly polished edge one so fine that some may find it too sharp. Gray color 5 gram syringe.

#1/2 Micron Grade Paste contains diamond abrasive particles in the 0.0 to 1.0 micron size range and is the second finest grade we offer. It will produce a finished edge comparable to the bestedge possible from either a Waterstone or Barber hone. Recommended for routine razor sharpening. Light gray color 5 gram syringe.

#1 Micron Grade Paste contains diamond abrasive particles in the 0 - 2.0 micron size range. It is best used as an intermidiate step to further refine the initial edge applied to a severely dull razor. Ivory color 5 gram syringe.

#9 Micron Grade Paste contains diamond abrasive particles in the 6.0 - 12.0 micron size range. It is the coarsest grade we offer and is recommended for establishing the initial edge on a severely dull razor. Green color 5 gram syringe.

When used in unison with a high quality compressed leather bench hone the shaving edge produced far surpasses any previously available. When using a leather hone with diamond pastes the procedure is to "drag" the edge leading with the razor's back employing the same X- pattern used in conventional honing or stropping. This method of sharpening has proven to be easier to master producing more consistent results and a finer shaving edge than can be achieved by either a stone or a strop and traditional pastes. Diamond paste sharpening is similar to honing in the respect that a coarser grade of paste is used for a duller blade working down in grit size to refine the edge.When using sharpening pastes the leather hone used must be dedicated to only one particular grit. All of the Diamond Pastes are Water Soluble. This allows easy and thorough rinsing of the razor after sharpening and prevents adverse skin reactions which can result with oil-based pastes. 

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