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10 Piece Set Shaving Straight Razor 6/8" GD w/Box

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Shave Ready Straight Razor 6/8" Gold Dollar

10 Piece Shaving Set

*Depending on inventory, you may be automatically upgraded to a Grim Dollar Straight Razor.


This set is the epitomy of value. It is based around a hardened carbon steel straight razor that is hand honed and sharpened in the USA. This process is what sets the Gold Dollar apart from other Gold Dollars on the market. The straight razor blade is then covered in Camelia oil for protection, this is high quality oil from Japan that is also good for you skin. The 10 Piece Set includes:


  • 3" x 6/8" Hardened Carbon Steel Blade
  • Luxury Synthetic Shaving Brush
  • Classic Brush Tube
  • Smolder Pre-Shave Oil - Handcrafted in the USA by The Blades Grim
  • Smolder After-Shave Oil - Handcrafted in the USA by The Blades Grim
  • Smolder Luxury Shaving Soap - Handcrafted in the USA by The Blades Grim
  • Classic Razor Coffin
  • 2" Leather Razor Strop
  • Shave Ready Razor With Free Lifetime Hone Service
  • The Shave Networks 8 Page Beginners Guide to Straight Razor Shaving and Stropping
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United States United States
Decent starter kit

I'm giving it 3 stars. First, It was a struggle for Classic Shaving to ship the product. Considering what's happening in the world at the moment, I understand completely. Customer service was close to non existing. The customer support was switched from telephone to strictly email. I sent two email to CS/Grooming Network and no response from them. I received an email from CS; it was not a response to my questions. It was customer survey about their product, then after giving them a bad review of not receiving the product. They sent out generic email informed me why it was taking so long to ship the kit. No problem, like I said, I understand the current situation. When I replied, I informed them to cancel my order and keep the razor. All I wanted was my money back. The following week my razor kit was in the mail. I placed my ordered on April 2nd and it finally arrived April 23rd. Second, The starter kit was pretty nice. I like the aftershave, smolder. I haven't used the pre-shave oil.* I haven't used the shaving soap or the brush*; I'm using GBS ( Gentleman Barber Shop ) soap and brush. The strop is a good width; same width as the blade. So, I don't have to crisscross the strop with the blade. *For the stuff which I haven't used, I will on my next shave. Third, The blade is nice and sharp. It does give a decent shave; I'm still having bit of a problem with the thicker hair from what I read it shouldn't be doing this. If the blade was properly sharpen before using. I need to learn how to do better job at stropping it as well. Still in the learning process. Fourth, The scale looks and feel cheap. One of the sides is either wider or is off-set than the other side. When opening the blade, the scales will tighten up on the tang. When closing the blade, you have to make sure it will down in the slit and not going to hit the edge. Finally, if it was suppose to come with the 8-page booklet. I never received it. All I got was a single page brief description on some stuff and some websites CS recommends. Overall, the struggle with customer support is my true complaint about customer service. Secondly, the scale. I cannot stress enough how cheap it feels and look. To the point, I'm considering to have the current scales replace. You pay what you get; the considering the cost and amount the items which you receive is decent deal. ::Most important question:: Would I recommend this product? Yes, I would. The cost for the product and items a person receive is decent. Great value for someone who's learning how to use a straight razor. If you do order this kit or anything from CS, you should wait until there's no pandemic or epidemic in the world. It will take forever to get a response from the customer service or get your package from them. * Photo of the scales *

  • Have You Ever Tried a Pre-Shave Oil or Lotion? Will use the pre-shave oil on my next shave.
  • Do you prefer a Shave Soap or Cream? Using shave soap at the moment.
  • Do you prefer a Safety Razor or Straight Razor? Straight Razor
  • How long have you been Wet Shaving? Just started
Jesus f.
United States United States
Great product and great company

I love each product! The aftershave feel so good after a long day of work and to finish with a smooth relaxing shave ! I just started learning how to use a straight edge I feel like it’s worth learning and getting use to it

  • Have You Ever Tried a Pre-Shave Oil or Lotion? I only tried the pre shave oil but I wouldn’t mind use the lotion
  • Do you prefer a Shave Soap or Cream? Both
  • Do you prefer a Safety Razor or Straight Razor? I only tried a Straight razor
  • How long have you been Wet Shaving? Few weeks
Classic Shaving 10 Piece Set Shaving Straight Razor 6/8 GD w/Box Review
A Classic Shaving Customer
Andrew J.
United States United States
Great starting set for Straight Razor

The Razor was high quality and sharp enough to shave with right out of the box. I enjoy the scent of Smolder as well as being able to try a pre-shave and aftershave. I think this set gives you an idea what products may fit your needs.

  • Have You Ever Tried a Pre-Shave Oil or Lotion? First time in this set
  • Do you prefer a Shave Soap or Cream? Soap
  • Do you prefer a Safety Razor or Straight Razor? Not sure yet
  • How long have you been Wet Shaving? on & off for 10 years
Gary J.
United States United States
Nice kit for starter

Bought as Christmas gifts, so have to wait on feedback.

  • Have You Ever Tried a Pre-Shave Oil or Lotion? Yes.
  • Do you prefer a Shave Soap or Cream? Depends on intent and/or event.
  • Do you prefer a Safety Razor or Straight Razor? Straight Razor.
  • How long have you been Wet Shaving? 54 years.
Great Everything but the Razor

I strongly suggest getting a much nicer razor and nicer strope as well. I have used cheap steel and cutters to cut things before, and nice steel and cutters to repeat the task. Machining aluminum, hand chiseling mortises in quartersawn white oak, router bits, you name it. I sharpen my own woodworking chisels, also with a strope. The razor is not up for the task of shaving hair. It is plenty sharp to carve your skin up on your face. I have had 5 attempts of using a straight edge and each resulted in looking like Freddy Krueger got to me. Yesterday, amidst my last nightmare, I stopped with the straight razor halfway through shaving (45 minutes in) and grabbed an old disposable safety razor and finished with that (in about another 5 minutes). The strope feels of a very cheap product, but seems to make a difference. If it is leather, it is a very cheap leather. It feels more like vinyl. Which is sad, because these are seemingly the two most important things. It seems obvious, this would be the case when thinking about it. The cheap razors I can find from name brands start at a price near this kit when it is not on sale. On sale, it's like buying the pre-shave, after shave, and soap and getting everything else for free... which leaves me feeling okay about my purchase. The after shave and shave gel are amazing. The shave soap is great. Blades Grim makes a tremendous care product. I will continue to use these product because I now really like them.