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ProTek Dive Series 1004

by ProTek
$495.00 USD
SKU PT1004

🌊 ProTek Dive Watches with Swiss Self-Powered ProGlo T25 Illumination: Submerge in Style, Illuminate Your Depths

Dive into a world of elegance and precision with ProTek Dive Watches featuring Swiss Self-Powered ProGlo T25 Illumination – where the depths meet sophistication, and every underwater adventure becomes a radiant experience.

🦑 ProGlo T25 - Illuminate the Abyss: In the mysterious depths, let ProTek be your guiding light. The Swiss Self-Powered ProGlo T25 technology ensures your Dive Watch remains luminous in the darkest waters for 25+ years! Illuminating your underwater journey with a radiant glow that transcends the ordinary.

🔧 Submersible Elegance, Unmatched Precision: Crafted for the aquatic explorer, ProTek Dive Watches are built to endure the challenges beneath the waves. The robust stainless steel & carbon fiber construction, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, and self-powered ProGlo T25 illumination make these timepieces as reliable as the ocean tides.

🌐 Global Connectivity for the Modern Aquanaut: Stay connected across time zones. ProTek Dive Watches not only conquer the depths but also keep you in sync with the world above. Whether you're exploring the coral reefs or venturing to new shores, let your watch be your global companion.

 Underwater Sophistication, Above Sea Elegance: Transition effortlessly from the depths to the surface. ProTek Dive Watches with ProGlo T25 illumination boast a design that seamlessly blends underwater functionality with refined style. Wear a timepiece that complements your adventurous spirit both in and out of the water.

🌈 Express Your Aquatic Spirit: Choose a Dive Watch that resonates with your individuality. The ProTek collection offers a diverse range of styles and colors, allowing you to express your underwater spirit while making a stylish statement above the surface.

🛡️ ProTek Assurance - Illuminate Every Dive: Backed by ProTek's commitment to quality, Dive Watches with ProGlo T25 Illumination come with a warranty, ensuring your satisfaction and peace of mind. Dive with confidence, knowing your ProTek timepiece is as luminous as your aquatic explorations.

 ProTek Dive Watches with ProGlo T25 Illumination: Illuminate Your Underwater Adventures in Style. Ready to redefine your diving experience? Order your ProTek Dive Watch with Swiss Self-Powered ProGlo T25 Illumination today and let your underwater journeys be guided by a radiant glow. 🌊⌚

  • Dependable Japanese Quartz Citizen/Miyota 2S60 3 Hand & Date Movement with 10 Year Battery
  • 42mm Carbon Composite Case and 60-Click Dive Timing Bezel.  Case Thickness: 13.95mm.  Weight: 73.2 grams
  • 316L Stainless Steel Embossed Screw Caseback 
  • Steel Screw Crown with Multiple O-Rings
  • Sapphire Crystal with Antireflective Coating
  • Water Resistant to 300 Meters (all watches tested in air and water) 
  • Genuine Rubber Strap (22mm x 20mm) with Steel Tube Molded into the Rubber for Additional Durability
  • Swiss self-powered ProGlo T25 illumination system is 100X brighter than conventional lume and glows continuously for 25 years without a need to be "charged" by an external light source.