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ProTek Field Series 3004

by ProTek
$525.00 USD
SKU PT3004

šŸŒŸĀ ProTek Field Series Watches with Swiss Self-Powered ProGlo T100 Illumination: Illuminate Your Adventures with Unmatched Precision

Embark on a journey where time is not just kept; it's illuminated. Introducing ProTek Field Series Watches with Swiss Self-Powered ProGlo T100 Illumination ā€“ a fusion of cutting-edge technology, style and rugged elegance, ensuring your adventures are never left in the dark.

šŸŒ²Ā ProGlo T100 - Navigate the Night:Ā In the heart of the wilderness or under the starlit sky, let ProTek illuminate your path. The Swiss Self-Powered ProGlo T100 technology ensures unparalleled visibility in low-light conditions. With a luminous glow that lasts not only through the night but 25+ Years!Ā These watches redefine the way you experience time after sunset.

šŸ”§Ā Rugged Durability, Unmatched Precision:Ā Crafted for those who dare to explore, ProTek Field Series Watches are engineered with precision Swiss craftsmanship. The robust stainless steel case, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, and self-powered ProGlo T100 illumination make these timepieces the ultimate companions for the untamed wilderness.

ā›°ļøĀ Adaptable Style, On Any Terrain:Ā Transition effortlessly from the rugged trail to the cityscape. The ProTek Field Series Watches with ProGlo T100 illumination boast versatile designs and interchangeable straps, allowing you to express your style in any setting. Illuminate your wrist with a watch that adapts to your every adventure.

šŸŒˆĀ Express Yourself with ProTek:Ā Choose a timepiece that mirrors your individuality. The Field Series offers a diverse range of styles and colors, ensuring your watch is not just a timekeeping tool but a statement piece that reflects your unique journey.

šŸ›”ļøĀ ProTek Assurance - Illuminate Every Moment:Ā Backed by ProTek's commitment to quality, the Field Series Watches with ProGlo T100 Illumination come with a warranty, ensuring your satisfaction and peace of mind. Trust in a watch that not only keeps time but lights up your adventures.

āŒšĀ ProTek Field Series Watches with ProGlo T100 Illumination: Illuminate Your Path, Elevate Your Time.Ā Ready to redefine your nocturnal adventures? Order your ProTek Field Series Watch with Swiss Self-Powered ProGlo T100 Illumination today and experience a world where every moment is brilliantly illuminated. šŸŒŒāŒš

  • 40mm Medical Grade TitaniumĀ Case and Embossed Titanium Screw Caseback. Weight: 48.4 grams. Case Thickness: 11mm
  • Titanium Push Crown with Multiple O-rings
  • Sapphire Crystal with Antireflective CoatingĀ 
  • Water Resistant to 100 MetersĀ 
  • DependableĀ Japanese Quartz Citizen/Miyota Super 2035 3 Hand Movement with 4-Year Battery
  • Waterproof Genuine Italian Leather Strap (20mm x 18mm)Ā 
  • SwissĀ self-powered ProGlo T100 illuminationĀ systemĀ is 100X brighter than conventionalĀ lume and glowsĀ continuouslyĀ for 25Ā yearsĀ without aĀ need to be "charged" by an external light source.Ā Ā This watch uses the largestĀ tritium tubes available for the indices in three colors to create aĀ mesmerizing light show in darknessĀ