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SOLD-Dylan Farnham #30 Steam Punk Straight Razor

Sold out
$1,250.00 USD
SKU DF-S8-30

Here is a razor that truly encompasses the expert mash-up of materials that sets Dylan Farnham apart from many artisans in the blade marketplace. Copper, steel and high-tech resins join together to create this stunning piece.

Here are the specs:

- 1/4 inch O-1 Tool Steel

- Edge-quenched and tempered to 64-65 Rockwell hardness
- "Chrystalline" textured
- "Variegated" pattern along spine
- "Stone-effect" acid-etch/patina
- Scales made of circuit board material
- Custom made bolt pivot pin
- G-10 spacer
- Copper spacer pin with a part from a 1920's watch.
- Leather sheath with hand-made copper button

Made in California - All Farnham blades are honed, stropped and shave-ready.

It's funny who you'll find literally in your backyard. In our case, it was a straight razor artisan who is ready to break onto the scene in a big way. Up in the mountains of Idyllwild, CA, Dylan Farnham has set up shop. Remember the name, because this guy is the real deal. Not only does he shave with his own straight razor every other day, but get this: when Dylan took a year off to motorbike through South America, he depended on three knives made by his own hand to see him through—a non-folding straight razor, a larger Bowie-esque camp knife, and a Kukri-like machete. All three (four if you count Dylan) returned as good as new and are still in use today. That's a Dylan Farnham blade: a masterpiece of steel designed to do some serious work. Mixing rugged functionality with a sublime artist's hand, Dylan's straight razors are not only built to last for generations, they are aesthetically unlike any we have ever seen. Take a look for yourself. Check out his razors (and soon some of his knives) along with their technical specs on our website. We here at Classic Shaving couldn't be more proud to welcome Dylan's line of custom straight razors and knives to our collection. Those of you lucky enough to grab these inaugural razors... enjoy!