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Anatomy of a Safety Razor

Posted on October 02 2017


If you watch the video above, we broke down the anatomy of a safety razor and everything that makes up the razors profile. We discussed its anatomy, all the different styles, and closed comb vs open comb.

Today we're gonna learn about the anatomy of safety razors. This is going to be a little different then the anatomy of a straight razor. There are several different styles of safety razors, this first one we are going to talk about is a single edge. This is a King Cobra Classic, its a single edge safety razor, you can open it up to swap out your blades. This style of safety razor is actually the oldest style. 

Next is the three piece double edge safety razor, this style of safety razor can be broken down into three parts. This is necessary to do when swapping out blades. The three pieces are called the top, the base, and the handle. The fact that it can be broken down into three parts also helps very much when cleaning your safety razor. 

Our next style is a twist to open (TTO), also known as butterfly. This razor uses a twist mechanism to open the top of the razor to change blades. It is one piece instead of two or three. 

Next will be a two piece safety razor. With this razor, by twisting the knob at the bottom of the handle, the top disconnects and you can swap out blades. A lot of people prefer this because they say it's easier to change blades. 

Our last style we're going to talk about today is the adjustable design. With this razor, there is a mechanism at the bottom of the handle and by turning it you can increase or decrease the space between the safety bar, this adjusts how aggressive your shave will be. 

We are almost done! The last thing we're going to talk about is the difference between closed comb and open comb, we have examples of both. With the closed comb, there is a solid piece of metal on each side, this is more of a daily razor that should be used for a 5 o clock shadow or small amounts of hair. The open comb razor has open teeth on each side, this will provide a much more aggressive shave for larger amounts of hair. 


Thank you everyone!


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