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Anatomy Of A Straight Razor

Anatomy Of A Straight Razor



If you watch the video above, we broke down the anatomy of a straight razor and everything that makes up the razors profile. We discussed its anatomy, blade sizes and how they are measured, styles of blade toes, and the different types of grinds you will come across.

I'm Brad and today we're going to talk about the anatomy of a straight razor. Let's learn about all the different parts, the toe, the heel, the spine, the cutting edge, the tang, the pivot, the tail and the scale. We will then cover what makes up the blade profile. With the toe, we have a round toe, square toe, and barbers notch. As you can see below there are other styles as well. 


Another part of the blade profile is the size of the blade. A straight razor is measured from the top of the grind below the spine, to the cutting edge. The video shows examples of a 5/8. 6/8, 7/8, and 8/8 blade. The way the blade is ground will determine its profile and how it shaves. The most common styles are quarter hollow, full hollow and near wedge. As you can see below there are several different styles as well. The video shows two examples, one of a quarter hollow and the other of a full hollow.

The last thing to discuss is the changes in the cutting edge of the blade. It can be straight, or have a slight curve that we call a smile. Today we covered the anatomy of a straight razor, and a blades profile such as the sizes and the grind. 



Now that you have learned the anatomy of a straight razor, check out our video on how to sharpen with a strop, here!


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