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Black Ops Grooming Safety Razor

Black Ops Grooming Safety Razor

BOG Safety Razor 

Well, here we are again, it has been about 3 weeks since my first time shaving with a straight razor and now it's time for another new experience, the Black Ops Grooming Safety Razor.  I know a few people in my life that actually prefer a safety razor over everything else. I went into this experience with much more confidence then when I was shaking and nervous the first time I used a straight razor. Along with the BOG safety razor I also have a 5 pack of Feather stainless double edge blades.

I unscrewed the top of the safety razor and gently placed one of the double edge blades between the top and the lower piece of the razor. For this shaving session, I will be reusing my smolder soap from last time, as well as my smolder aftershave and satin brush.  

I like the way the BOG safety razor looks better than all the other safety razors I have seen online. It has a matte black coating all over and the handle has a nice weight which makes it feel really nice when you pick it up. It seems pretty durable, like I could throw it in my backpack, take it camping, keep it in my work truck, toss it around and not worry about dropping it. So once again, I build my lather inside my blades grim tin with smolder soap, I rub my facial hair with a hot towel, I have my BOG safety razor and I am ready to go. 

With all the confidence in the world now that I am a straight razor expert (not really, just did it once) I start shaving my face with this badass safety razor. Just like with a straight razor, once you feel it on your face and it starts working correctly, the rest is a breeze. I have the water running in the sink and periodically run the razor under the water to wash off the hair. After about 30 seconds of shaving, I thought to myself "this is so easy", and it honestly is ridiculously easy. With a disposable razor, it is actually really difficult to get the hair out, I always end up slamming my disposable razor on the side of the sink or using a towel to wipe the hair off onto. With this razor, I experienced none of that. When I ran it under the water for 2 seconds, I looked at the razor and it was perfectly clean and ready for more shaving. I'm not sure if you are supposed to keep switching from side to side with the razor but that is how I was using it. Using one side of the blade then the other. Here is another big benefit, the double edge razors cost very little, the razors I am using cost about $2.99 on the classic shaving site, and these 5 will last me awhile. I will literally never need to buy another safety razor. The BOG safety razor will be around after an asteroid hits us.  

It took less time for me to shave with this razor then the Gold Dollar straight razor. I applied my Smolder aftershave to my freshly shaven skin, and felt another wave of fulfillment, 3 weeks ago I had never used a straight razor or safety razor.  I have now used both, and not just some random safety razor you find in your grandpa's garage, but the Black Ops Grooming safety razor in all its glory. I think this razor is overall less expensive, just as easy, and is built better than a disposable razor. Until next time, thank you for reading my articles and please go check out all my others on the site! 

- Brad

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