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Smolder Cologne by The Blades Grim

Smolder Cologne by The Blades Grim

Smolder Cologne  

You know that old guy you work with that smells funky, either his breath or his body odor, so you avoid talking to him just because of that. I don't want to smell bad, I get paranoid about my breath, feet, clothing... etc. So I brush my teeth, chew gum, shower regularly, make sure my shoes don’t smell terrible, and wear deodorant and cologne.  When I was 16 I purchased some Old Spice cologne, it did the job. Since then I've owned Adidas cologne, Drakkar Noir (yes, in 2012 I believe, crazy), and some cheap stuff from Walmart that has lasted forever. This past week I got my hands on some Smolder cologne from The Blades Grim and I am going to tell you all my thoughts on the experience.  

When my buddy handed me the bottle of Smolder cologne the first thing I said was, "whoa it's white", which is different because in my cologne experience, they were all clear. But hey, what's wrong with being different right? If you are thinking that this white coloring will show up on your skin or clothing, do not worry, it won't. I sprayed it directly on a black shirt and it leaves no white residue.  

After my experience using smolder beard oil and then shaving with a straight razor (both articles are on if you care to read), I came to the realization that I am a fan of the "smolder" scent. So I was excited for this cologne and had my eye on it for a long time. I did not think I would be disappointed, unless of course it was too strong, too weak, or damaged my clothing or skin somehow. When you are in a department store looking at cologne or perfume and you are attracted to a specific bottle, you pick it up, take the cap off, spray it in the air in front of you, then smell the air. As I typed that routine out, it sounds completely insane. But this seems to be the general routine of any man, woman, or child that is testing a cologne or perfume. When the bottle of Smolder cologne was placed in my hand, after commenting on the color, I sprayed it in the air and then smelled the air.

It smells great, it smells like Smolder, and very clean, fresh, and warm. I feel like one spray is enough, and in the Amazon description for this product it says that each spray is very subtle and not overpowering so that you can have more control over the scents strength. In my opinion, one spray is perfect, as you can still smell it on you for hours after. If anyone gives you a hug, or you get close and personal with your lover, the Smolder cologne will be there subtly waiting to greet them.  

As soon as my beard grows back, I plan on using the Smolder Beard Oil daily in order to arrange the mess of hair on my face and for the awesome, clean smell. If I use a couple drops of that, and a spray of this cologne, I will be perfect for the whole day. I was excited for this new product, and I wasn’t let down.  

- Brad

The Smolder Cologne I Used

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