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How To Build A Shaving Lather Using A Bowl

Posted on October 24 2017



Today we are gonna learn how to build a lather. Before we begin lets go over everything we need, you need a shaving brush, some soap from, a bowl to build your lather in and last but not least, water. Before I start building a lather, I like to fill my scuttle that I usually call a bowl with hot water for about 5 minutes and let my brush soak. After the water has been dumped out, this step will benefit you in two ways, it gets your brush very wet and also creates a layer of water throughout the bowl. This is probably all the water you're gonna need in order to build you lather. Now I will load the brush, you want to get a good amount of soap onto your brush that you can transfer back to your lather bowl. So once you feel like you have obtained a good amount of soap on the brush you can move it back to your lather bowl, and we can start building a lather. 

So when you start, start with small clockwise circles, I switch to counter clockwise every now and then, you can also apply pressure down on the brush to speed up the process. If you feel like you need to add water go ahead and do that. You can put some water on your fingers and drop it into your bowl, you put it under a dripping faucet quickly, a little water goes a long way. If you see a lot of little bubbles in your lather that means you added too much water, but you also don't your lather to be dry like a paste. What you are looking for is a rich, thick lather. This process is certainly going to take you a minute or two, the more you mix the lather the thicker it will get and the larger it will get. Mix until you have the consistency and amount desired! Thanks everyone, let me know if you have any questions and I will see you next time. 

- Brad


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