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Occam's Razor

Occam's Razor


A beautiful design with unmatched functionality. In this video, everything you need to know about your new Occam's Razor is explained. We cover anatomy, benefits, features, different blades, changing blades, and the ProGuard blade packs. 

Grab your Occam's Razor here:

Depending on which Occam's Razor kit you got, it will come with different heads or just the standard 2 dot moderate head which all Occam's razor is shipped with now. To determine which head you're currently using, you can always look in the top left corner of the blade head and you can see the dots there so you know that is the moderate head. 

Inside of the packaging you will find three cards with different information about Occam's razor. The reason why we are changing the way the world shaves, and our goal in doing so, getting people educated on reducing household shave waste by switching to a safety style razor instead of a cartridge razor. Then there is more information about the different blade types that Occam's razor supports and how they work with different skin types and hair types. Next you'll see a card that'll go over the aggressiveness of the shapes, one star being our least aggressive head so that has a smaller blade reveal. Two stars is a little more blade reveal so it's a moderate shave. Three stars is the most aggressive head, on the back of the card you'll be able to see what blades work with which heads. 

I hope this video helps answer any questions or problems or thoughts that you might have. I really hope you guys enjoy shaving with it, we designed it to be very forgiving and a nice razor for a clean, quality shave. I hope you use it for years and enjoy it, thanks a lot. 


Grab your Occam's Razor here:

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Roger Quiring - May 13, 2019

Is there a cover provided for the Occam so the blade doesn’t get dinged up while in a kit?

Gregory Thomas - May 13, 2019

I received mine from the Kickstarter campaign the other day and love it. Thanks for the extras. I have never used the brush and shave soap before, but like it now that I watched how to YouTube videos. I am going to order the ProGuard blades since I really didn’t understand which blades to get with the razor. I have always bought new designs for any product.

Jonathan Nering - May 5, 2018

Very nice design! Looks and sounds exceptionally simple to use and change out blades!! I’ve only been using a safety razor for about a year now, but I can tell you it’s worth the investment for a nice razor and the blades are a fraction of what the disposables are. Plus, since growing out my beard, you cannot compare the closeness or accuracy of a safety razor! I just use it to keep my lines looking sharp and my neck smooth as silk!! Great video and I’m definitely considering buying this now!!

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