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My First Time Using "Smolder" Beard Oil

My First Time Using "Smolder" Beard Oil

"Smolder" Beard Oil 

Never in my life did I think that I would be using beard oil, and up until about a year ago I didn’t even know what it was. I remember one day at work during the summer of 2016 when I heard one of my friends say to another friend "Yeah I put beard oil in it". That’s strange, I thought, why would you want your beard covered in oil and look wet and greasy? About a month later I made a decision to stop shaving regularly and see what happened, it's something I had never done before, I was very used to being clean shaved so it was a big decision. 

A year later, I possess a decent amount of facial hair. It's not a perfect, thick, well-groomed beard like Zach Galifianakis or even something that would ever receive a "nice beard" compliment, but it covers most of my face and I like it. It grew outward and was dry and uneven, I have kept it for a year and trimmed it back every couple weeks. So, out of nowhere I find myself with a bottle of "Smolder" beard oil from The Blades Grim and, keeping my same mindset, thought that its strange to put oil in your beard.  

When I open the small 1 oz bottle my immediate instinct is to smell the scent through the opening in the top, and I loved the smell so much!

I know there are a lot of scents available but honestly just based off this one bottle I think "Smolder" is my favorite. So now I want this smell on me, all other pros or cons aside, this scent will only improve my below average beard. then walk from my kitchen to my bathroom so that I have a mirror available to apply my new favorite scent to my face. If you turn the bottle upside down it will very, very, slowly drip out, which is good, mainly because the oil is so potent, you don’t want to get carried away with how much you use. Also because this way it can't spill accidentally, and it will help the bottle last longer. So I turn it straight upside down and let about 3 drops drop onto my fingers, which I then applied to my beard. I won't lie, applying this oil felt really good. Along with the captivating "Smolder" scent, it was a very calming 15-20 seconds. I then put another 2 drops on my fingers to apply to the moustache that didn’t connect to the rest of my beard. I was not able to necessarily rub my fingers through my beard, so it was more of just rubbing the oil on my beard with my flat palm.

I could already see the progress, my dry beard that stuck out in every direction looking fuzzy like I just got out of bed looked groomed and managed. After using a comb and spending less then 2 minutes making the mess on my face look like I did actually care about my appearance, I now knew why people use beard oil. Not to mention all the benefits it provides to your skin, hydrating your skin helps prevent flaking, dandruff and skin dryness.

Throughout the rest of the day I noticed everything else, my beard didn’t itch at all, I smelled good, I looked better, I felt confident. I liked this product, and I don’t see myself ever going on a date, a job interview, dinner with family, or outside of my house into the actual world without this beard oil. I wash my hair every day (yes honestly I do), I put deodorant on every day (I'm still not lying), and I don’t want to look bad to other people or most importantly, myself. The use of this beard oil needs to be added to my regiment. I need things in my life that boost my self-esteem and my confidence, and this is one of them that takes 2 minutes to apply which is a huge win in my book.  

- Brad

The Beard Oil I Used

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