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Pacific Nick Stick

Even the most experienced shaver can cut himself on any given day. When this happens, you should reach for the Pacific Nick Stick. Unlike styptic pencils that leave an obvious white smear on your face, this clear liquid is a secret weapon against nicks and cuts. I had never heard of the brand until Lee's Safety Razors began to carry it and Lee asked me to try it out. I was skeptical and didn't expect it to be effective. The Pacific Nick Stick is a very small tube and has no noticeable scent. Its label is simple and it could be easily overlooked among anyone's toiletries; however, I quickly learned that this small stick plays a large role among my shaving supplies.

The Pacific Shaving Company was established in 2002 and produces shaving products using all-natural ingredients. Their products are manufactured in an environmentally friendly way, using minimal packaging to reduce waste and carbon emissions. In addition, products are priced to be cost effective for consumers. Their products are widely available in places like Whole Foods that emphasize organic-based products and the environmentally friendly appeal.

When I accidentally nicked my skin, the Pacific Nick Stick stopped the bleeding right away with its easy-to-use roll-on applicator. Best of all, it didn't leave behind any white residue on my skin. Although it stung a little more than a styptic pencil, the pain was gone in about 15 seconds. My teenage son has found the Pacific Nick Stick especially useful when he gets nicks due to acne. The Pacific Nick Stick is great for teens because it is inexpensive and effective at stopping any small cuts or nicks.

This product is perfect for anyone who shaves, since everybody gets nicks from time to time. Those with very sensitive skin may have some issues with the stinging sensation when it is first applied, but unlike other treatments this one stops the bleeding immediately. If you nick yourself frequently, you can even purchase them from Lee's Safety Razors in 3-pack and 6-pack sets. A single stick retails for $5.95, so it is very affordable and will last a long time. Because it is very small, the Pacific Nick Stick is easy to carry in your travel bag, so keep one at home and take another when you travel. You never know when you may need it.

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