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Geo. F. Trumper Eucris Shaving Soap

Geo. F. Trumper Eucris Shaving Soap

Established in 1875, George Trumper's Mayfair shop was one of the first exclusive barbershops to open in London. Trumper's line of products has expanded to be one of the largest and most prestigious lines of grooming products and accessories. The company boasts six Royal Warrants dating back to the reign of Queen Victoria, and continues to be recognized as the finest traditional barbershop in London. Customers can still find historic colognes created by George Trumper himself and named after the noblemen who commissioned them.

Geo.F. Trumper Eucris Shaving SoapLike the cologne, the Eucris Shaving Soap is presented in its distinctive black and silver packaging. While the traditional Trumper shaving soaps are available in elegant hand-turned wooden bowls, the Eucris shaving soap features a Special Edition solid black wooden bowl with the Eucris label on the lid. The black wooden bowl is perfectly sized for the Eucris soap, displays nicely on your counter among your toiletries, and is convenient for creating lather and storing your soap between shaves.

When you open the box of the Eucris Shaving Soap, the fragrance is immediately noticeable and is stronger than the traditional Trumper shaving soaps. I have always preferred Trumper's soaps because they are subtly scented and pleasant; however, the Eucris is more prevalent – a characteristic that I was happy to discover since I love the fragrance of the cologne.

Trumper describes the eau de toilette as "sophisticated with top notes of black currant, cumin and coriander, the heart consisting of jasmine and muguet with warm base notes of sandalwood, musk, and moss." The fragrance of the shaving soap does justice to this description as well. When lathered, the scent releases from the soap and the aroma fills the room; however, it is not overbearing or uncomfortable when applied to the face. In other words, the intensity is nice and strong, but it doesn't choke you.

The Eucris Shaving Soap performs as expected for Geo. F. Trumper product, which is a fine example of a quality shaving soap. It is easy to swirl into a rich lather without any special techniques or methods. I quickly loaded the shaving brush with a dense lather suitable for a three-pass shave. The soap provided a good protective, comfortable shave on par with other Trumper shaving soaps because it is based on the same formulation. When I washed the lather from my face, there was only a faint Eucris scent left behind. I followed up with an aftershave, and then – because I had enjoyed the Eucris fragrance – opted to wear my Eucris Eau du Toilette in addition.

The Eucris Shaving Soap is outstanding because it captures the Eucris fragrance perfectly. Aside from the scent, you can always rely on Geo. F. Trumper to provide a quality shaving soap. This product is easy to lather, provides a close and comfortable shave, and has beautiful packaging, too. It is available for $39.50 at Lee's Safety Razors. If you don't want the bowl, you can purchase the refill puck alone for only $22. Trumper's are some of the more expensive soaps on the market; however, they are very high quality and will easily last for several months of daily use.

Dear Trumper, if you're reading this, "Eucris Aftershave" has a nice ring to it. Thank you.

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