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Can I use shaving soap without a brush?


Creating a good lather from a shaving soap would be very difficult to do without a brush. Shaving soap is cured and dry because of the way it is made. To convert its properties into a usable lather requires the soap to be infused with a significant amount of water. The shaving brush accomplishes this by scratching the surface of the soap with the bristles and mixing the soap with water. This creates a dense and cushioning lather needed for a comfortable shave. Attempting to lather a soap puck by hand without a brush would not accomplish this task and likely result in a thin and runny lather. If you don't want to use a shaving brush, or are traveling and don't want to carry one with you, there are many quality shaving creams on the market that produce rich lather without requiring a shaving brush. For more on the benefits of a using a brush, read Ode to a Shaving Brush.


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