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Edwin Jagger Extra Large Silvertip

Edwin Jagger Extra Large Silvertip

Edwin Jagger Extra Large SilvertipThe Edwin Jagger Silvertip represents the highest quality shaving brush available in the company’s range of traditional products. This brush comprises only the finest quality true silvertip hair that has naturally soft and untrimmed tips.  The brush loft is perfectly formed with no unevenness or flat spots in the domed loft of badger hair as often seen in lesser quality brushes.  Although the brush has a traditional bulb shape to it, it is not overly pronounced making it still attractive to men (like me), who prefer the more fan-shaped lofts on their brushes.

The handle design of the silvertip range provides a short but substantial grip, comparable to the Simpsons Chubby or Rooney Style 1 ranges. It is a very good choice for men that prefer their shaving brushes to have a larger diameter grip.  The faux horn material used on this brush is very attractive with swirls of brown and tan color that are nicely polished to a high-luster finish.  The brush is stamped with the Edwin Jagger logo on the front and the Silver Tip Badger grade designation on the back, which is beautifully done in a silver ink that looks classy on the horn color.

What surprised me most about the Edwin Jagger Silvertip is the overall feel of the brush.  Based on the dimensions and what I have read about Edwin Jagger shaving brushes, I expected a soft brush that did not have an overly stiff feel to it.  This brush, however, is one of the most perfectly knotted brushes in my collection.  The 25mm knot has the perfect density to it, but not overly stiff at all, making it an ideal brush to use with almost any product or lathering technique.  I have had no problem lathering on hard soaps or directly on my face as can often be a challenge with large silvertips that lack adequate density.  When lathering shaving cream in a mug or bowl, the brush retains the perfect amount of water and has no problem infusing it in the cream to create a rich and hydrating lather. 

Quality Horn CraftsmanshipThe feel of the brush against my face is equally impressive.  The softness of the natural silvertip hair combined with the density of the brush results in a nice gentle feel that lifts the hair and applies lather perfectly without being overly floppy or scratchy against the skin.

My brush features the imitation horn finish, but the same model brush is also available in imitation ivory or ebony as well.  The Extra Large Silvertip is one of the more expensive brushes in Edwin Jagger’s traditional product range and retails for $210 USD; however, if you are looking to invest in a quality brush that works both soaps and creams equally, this is certainly one worthy of consideration.

The Edwin Jagger Extra Large Silvertip is one of the few brushes I have ever owned that I would go as far as saying feels “just right.”  From the classy appearance of the polished horn finish handle to the soft yet dense feel of the high-quality silvertip hair, this brush has every detail of what a good shaving brush should be.

Total Height: 102mm
Handle Height: 47mm
Loft Height: 55mm
Knot Diameter: 25mm
Handle Diameter: 42mm

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