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Edwin Jagger Sandalwood Shaving Cream

Edwin Jagger Sandalwood Shaving Cream

Edwin Jagger SandalwoodThe Edwin Jagger Sandalwood Shaving Cream is different than other traditional shaving creams on the market today.  Because of the high cost of sandalwood essential oil, shaving products in this fragrance vary widely. Most are more of an interpretation of sandalwood using artificial ingredients to create a fragrance that mimics the warm and woodsy character of the genuine scent.  Edwin Jagger’s version of this scent actually contains the purest organic ingredients and is advertised to be 99.9% natural in content.  Opening the tub for the first time, it is obvious that the fragrance of the cream is subtle and natural smelling with no evidence of added fragrances blended in to enhance the scent. 

The texture of the shaving cream is very soft, but not slimy or sticky like some shaving creams with high amounts of glycerine.  The cream has a consistency that is easy to work with when scooping out a small amount to lather up for your shave.  Although Edwin Jagger advertises that the cream will work effectively by simply spreading over the beard by hand, using this cream with a shaving brush is how the product truly excels.  The soft texture of the cream allows it to break down and load in to the brush very easily and infuse with warm water to quickly create a rich and creamy lather.  This is a good choice of shaving cream for those who are new to wet shaving because the product lathers easily with using any size or grade of shaving brush and no special techniques are needed to get a suitable shaving lather created.  The soft sandalwood fragrance opens up and becomes a bit more noticeable as the lather builds and is very pleasant throughout the shave.  The thick and creamy lather applies to the face smoothly and coats the skin evenly to provide a protective and lubricating surface for the razor blade.

During the shave, the Edwin Jagger cream continues to impress.  The lather maintains its body nicely, having no tendency to dry down to quickly or become runny in texture.  It provides a nice slick surface that allows whatever razor you choose to track nicely and cut the hair clean without irritation.  The natural formulation and light scent are a huge plus for those who have sensitive skin and prone to suffering from irritation due to chemicals or fragrance oils that are sometimes overused in lesser quality shaving creams. 

After the shave, the lather rinses away cleanly from the skin leaving behind only a light fragrance while the skin is left well nourished and moisturized.   This is one of those creams that hydrates the skin well enough that many men could easily skip an aftershave product; however, pairing it with a quality aftershave, such as Edwin Jagger’s Aftershave Moisturizing Lotion (to be reviewed soon), makes for a wonderful shaving experience.

Edwin Jagger Sandalwood Shaving Cream is a great choice for those looking for a top quality shaving cream that will work with almost any skin type.  Its all-natural base of ingredients and light fragrance make it ideal for those with sensitive skin or conscious of the potential effects of harmful chemicals on their skin.  It is available in a 100ml/3.5oz screw on lid tub for $21USD or 75ml/2.5oz tube for $15 from Lee’s Safety Razors.  Per ounce Edwin Jagger is not one of the most economical creams on the market today, but its quality is second to none and the performance justifies the price.

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