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Can you use Method Shaving with a straight razor?


It is possible to use a straight razor for Method Shaving, but the products should be modified slightly. Because the Method Shaving system with Hydrolast was designed for use with a double edge razor, the products produce a very thin and slick lather (referred as "wet mix" in Method Shaving lingo). This thin wet mix would run off your face before you could finish your passes with a straight razor because of the slower technique required for that type of shave. To create a thicker wet mix suitable for straight shaving, use a little more paste than you typically would for double edge Method Shaving. Also, use a shaving brush because it will aerate the mix to appear more like a traditional lather instead of being thin and runny. For the best results, use only the primer soap (e.g., Hydrolast Cube) and Hydrolast Wet Shaving Paste. Other products, such as Cutting Balm, are best left out because they tend to make the mix run thinner and they are oil based and should not be used with your shaving brush. Creating your wet mix this way will provide a much more stable lather that will remain in place throughout your shave and allow you to enjoy the skin conditioning benefits of Hydrolast with your straight razor routine.


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