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Is a Shavette a good alternative to a traditional straight razor?


Disposable blade straight razors, such as Dovo’s popular “Shavette” model, are very commonly used in the barbering profession due to the ability to easily change the blade between customers. This allows them to be more hygienic in addition to the convenience of not having to maintain the cutting edge and strop the blade for every shave. They range in price and quality from inexpensive models such as those offered by Dovo and Parker to the more luxury class models such as the Feather Artist Club. These razors typically use a special size blade or a standard double edge blade broken in half, which is held in a secure holder during the shave. Many new shavers are attracted to these razors because they mimic the style of cutting with a straight without the time or expense that goes in to honing and stropping the razor; however, most lack the weight and balance of a real solid steel straight razor. In addition, the blade is very thin and the lack of balance can create problems when cutting with an extremely thin blade that has no safety guard that a standard double edge safety razor provides. Most newcomers to straight shaving would be better off purchasing a true straight razor and using it to master the technique of shaving with it. Although the straight razor can be intimidating at first, taking the time to learn how to shave and maintain your razor can be very rewarding experiences for a traditional wet shaver. Once you have experience straight shaving, however, disposable blade straight razors are worth trying because they can provide a good close shave and are especially useful on occasions where you are short on time or are away from home and do not want to have to carry a strop with you.


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