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Master Bay Rum Aftershave

Master Bay Rum Aftershave

Master Bay Rum AftershaveBay rum is a traditional fragrance that was historically made by distilling rum with various spices and oils to give it its unique aroma.  The most distinctive components of bay rum are citrus, cinnamon, and clove.  Although the ingredients are similar, the scent of bay rum products varies widely from brand to brand. Some brands’ products are noticeably stronger than others, particularly with the use of cloves and the concentration of alcohol used.  Bay rum can be a love-or-hate fragrance, but Master Bay Rum manages to achieve a very good balance of spice and citrus in its formulation. The aroma of Master's is rich with spices and a touch of sweetness, but not harsh or overwhelming.

On the skin, Master Bay Rum does a great job of soothing and moisturizing.  Some splash-based aftershaves can cause dryness or irritation from the alcohol content, but Master Bay rum contains a small amount of glycerine that helps it add moisture back into the skin. The stinging sensation from the alcohol is present, but fades quickly and should not leave your face irritated unless you have sensitivity to alcohol-based products.  Like most aftershave splashes, it evaporates quickly leaving behind a noticeable but pleasant fragrance that lingers on the skin for several hours after application.  Because bay rum is a more unique scent it can be difficult to pair with cologne, so it best to use on its own.

Those who enjoy traditional wet shaving are always on the lookout for products that they can get locally and inexpensively, and fortunately Master Bay Rum is one of these products. It can be purchased at many beauty and barber supply stores, most notably Sally’s Beauty Supply, which has store locations in most major U.S. cities and abroad. Master Bay Rum Aftershave comes in a large 15 oz. plastic bottle with a screw-on cap for only $7.99.  It can also be purchased in a commercial size 1 gallon jug for only $27.95, which would easily provide years of regular use. This small investment goes a long way in bringing back that old-school barbershop experience with the quintessential bay rum fragrance.

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