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Geo. F. Trumper Extract of Limes Shaving Cream

The Geo. F. Trumper brand is one of the most established and recognized names associated with traditional wet shaving. Generations of men have enjoyed Trumpers products and it remains very popular today with wet shavers all over the world. Trumpers shaving creams are considered by many to be the best available and the standard to which other shaving creams are often compared. This article takes a closer look at one of the most popular scents from the Trumpers shaving cream line, the Extract of Limes.

Trumpers Extract of Limes comes packaged in a distinctive pink labeled box, which is unusual because one would naturally expect the label to be green. During WWI, the Extract of Limes original packaging supplies were unavailable and the company was forced to select an alternative. Pink packaging was chosen and has remained in use with all the Trumpers Extract of Limes products ever since. The shaving cream itself is available in both a metal tube and a screw-on plastic tub.

Upon first opening Trumpers Extract of Limes, it is immediately noticeable that the shaving cream is very soft in texture. It stirs easily in the tub and looks to be rich in glycerine content. The cream itself is has a light green color which is evidence that it is artificially dyed; however, once it is lathered it becomes pure white like most other creams. The fragrance of Extract of Limes is very bright and citrusy with an aroma that is subtle and pleasant.

The soft texture of the Extract of Limes shaving cream makes it one of the easiest creams to lather. Whether you lather in a bowl, in your hand, or directly your face, the cream quickly infuses with water and builds up lather in a matter of seconds. One thing that I have noticed with this particular cream is that it is very easy to add too much water when lathering. I recommend starting conservative and adding water small amounts at a time until you reach the proper consistency of lather. The Load/Hydrate Technique that I use works best to provide the control and ability to monitor the water-to-cream ratio during the lathering process. Once the lather reaches the right consistency, it should have a rich meringue-like consistency with no excess bubbles or runniness in texture.

Despite the popularity of Trumpers products and easy texture and pleasant aroma of this cream, the performance during the shave is where the Extract of Limes shaving cream falls short. I have used this cream with both double edge and straight razors, and the lather provides decent lubrication that is not as protective as other creams offered by Trumper. The razor glides along nicely during the first passes, but during the final touch-up stages, Extract of Limes can sometimes leave the blade feeling a bit scratchy on my skin.

After the shave, the cream washes away easily leaving little to no fragrance left behind on the skin, which I have found to be fairly common with most citrus-scented creams. The shaving cream does not leave my skin especially conditioned or moisturized, so I always follow up with an aftershave. Trumpers Extract of Limes Skin Food or Extract of LimesAftershave splash make a great combination with this cream if you enjoy the bright and citrusy lime aroma of the product.

Geo. F. Trumper shaving creams have been a part of my shaving rotation for years even though they are relatively expensive because they are priced in line with other high-quality British products. The Extract of Limes Shaving Cream is available at Lees Safety Razors in two sizes, a 75gram / 2.5oz metal tube for $18 USD or 200gram / 7oz plastic tub for $30 USD. Trumpers Extract of Limes Shaving Cream remains popular because of its soft texture that is easy for any wet shaver to lather. The nicelime scent is a welcomed aroma on a hot summer morning or when you want a light fragrance to start your day.

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