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Geo F. Trumper Extract of Limes Aftershave

In general, lime scents can smell very synthetic and typically don't have the best longevity. However, because I am a big fan of Geo. F. Trumper products, I decided to give their Limes aftershave a try. I opted for the aftershave because I really enjoy a top-quality splash, especially as the weather is warming. Also, I know the Limes cologne is notorious for short staying power on the skin, which is not what I want in cologne. With an aftershave, staying power isn't really what I'm after, so I thought it'd be worth a shot.

When I unscrewed the gold crown and took a whiff, my senses were hit with the most crisp and purest lime scent I've ever encountered. This is exactly what the ideal lime-scented product should smell like. Honestly, it has kind of ruined me on other limes scents because I like this one so much. The scent is very natural lime unlike any of the others Ive had the opportunity to sample.

The sting of the alcohol content is about on par with any decent quality aftershave splash. It was not overwhelming, but it was definitely noticable. My face felt great as it dried down quickly and left that wonderful lime aroma behind. As expected, the scent began to wear off, but in that short time, it was pure luxury. It was the perfect end to a great shave that I usually like to top off with a bit of Trumpers GFT cologne before I head out and face the day.

At $70.00 for 200ml, it is not a bargain;however, if you want the best lime-scented aftershave splash on the market and can withstand the sticker shock it is nothing short of amazing.

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Trumper's Extract of Limes Shaving Cream
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