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How should I store my double edge blades between shaves?


If you thoroughly dry your safety razor with a towel after each shave, you can store it with the blade installed until your next shave. If you have several razors and rotate through using them or know that you will not be using a particular razor for an extended period of time, then remove the blade from the razor and either insert it in the next razor you will use or go ahead and just discard it into a blade bank. Most of the popular razor blades on the market today are made from stainless steel or have special coatings that make them more resistant to rust. Because most men get an average of three to five shaves with their double edge blades, the blade will not be in use long enough to require special considerations for storage. Leaving a blade in the razor for a long period of time could increase the likelihood of rust or corrosion forming and damaging the finish of your razor, but on a daily basis it is acceptable to leave the blade installed in your double edge razor.


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