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Molinard Rasoline Shaving Cream

Molinard Rasoline Shaving Cream

The name Molinard is not one that is well known for shaving products, but the brand is well recognized by those who have an interest in colognes. Molinard of France has been producing some of the world’s most distinctive fragrances since it was established in 1849 and is recognized as one of the oldest perfumeries in existence.  Although it offers a wide variety of fragrances and toiletries, Rasoline is the only shaving product in the Molinard catalog. Rasoline is a soft cream that is formulated with almond oil and glycerine to make it lubricating as well as very moisturizing on the skin.  The cream is advertised as a non-foaming cream that is intended to be applied directly to the face without using shaving brush.Molinard Rasoline Shaving Cream

At first appearance, the Rasoline packaging is not one that gives the impression of luxury or exclusivity. The outer carton appears very utilitarian with its simple black box and yellow lettering.  My initial impression was that it looked like a box you might find on the shelf of your local auto parts store.  Despite the simple appearance, the metal tube of cream is well made and is quite durable, which makes it a good option for home and travel use. The tube has a metal seal over the opening that keeps the cream protected from drying or leaking until the tube is opened for the first time.  The plastic screw-on cap has a point which is used to puncture the metal seal and allow the cream to be squeezed from the tube.

Unlike some of the other brushless products I have used, the Rasoline has a very soft and creamy texture. The cream itself appears to be very oily and has an iridescent sheen to it which is likely due to the high percentage of almond oil and glycerine used in the product.  The soft texture allowed the cream to spread on the skin very easily with my finger tips; however, I noticed that it does have a tendency to go on very thin. To get adequate coverage for shaving my face, I had to use a bit more cream than expected, easily two times the nickel sized dab that I use with other products.

Although the packaging reiterates the “sweet almond oil” ingredients, the fragrance is not that of an almond-scented shaving cream. Instead it is fresh and clean that resembles a moisturizing hand lotion. The scent is quite strong as may be expected from a respected perfumery, but it is not overbearing or unpleasant.

Despite the auto parts packaging and amount of product needed to prepare for a shave, the shaving performance of Rasoline is where the product proves its worth. Straight razors require fingers that are not coated with a slick cream for a more secure grip to avoid accidents and I typically only use brushless creams on the mornings that I am trying to shave quickly, so a safety razor has been a fast and safe choice with this shaving cream.  During my shaves, my double edge razors have had no problem gliding smoothly over the skin and cutting efficiently.  I have found that it necessary to reapply cream between passes; I usually apply a second thinner layer of cream once my stubble has been reduced to a low point.

Although Rasoline cream has an oily appearance to it, rinsing the razor under hot running water quickly washed the cream away between cutting strokes and did not cause any problems with clogging the razor.  After shaving, the leftover cream rinsed easily from the skin and has never left any oily residue behind.  My skin always feels well moisturized and I have had no problems with irritation or soreness afterwards.  If you do not prefer to use an aftershave splash or balm, the moisturizing properties of Rasoline make it a good choice.

Most readers of Shaving 101 know that I have a large and varied collection of shaving brushes, but there are some mornings when I am short on time and need to shave quickly without compromising on quality. Molinard’s Rasoline Shaving Cream is a terrific product that is perfect for those mornings. For only $15 from Lee’s Safety Razors, it is also affordable. This cream is probably not the best choice for an everyday shaving cream, since it does require a bit more product and would last only 2-3 weeks of daily use; however, it is an excellent product to keep in your shaving rotation for when you are traveling or in a rush for a fast yet enjoyable shave.

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