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TwinLuxe Booster Serum

TwinLuxe Booster Serum

When the TwinLuxe brand was launched in 2010, one of the primary goals that founders and twin brothers Hubert and Anthony Tsai had was to devote full attention to quality in both the performance and presentation of the product.  They agreed that using only the best materials for the packaging of TwinLuxe would enhance the overall presentation of each product in the line as well as ensure that the product stay protected from exposure to air or spoilage before the customer receives it.  In my previous reviews of the Smooth Shave Cream and Soothing Face Balm, I mentioned that I immediately noticed the quality of the packaging.  The Booster Serum is no exception. 

Unlike most shaving gels and oils on the market, the Booster Serum does not come in a standard plastic pump dispenser or squeeze bottle, but rather an airless pump dispenser jar.  The walls of the jar feature a sturdy opaque plastic material that closely resembles frosted glass with a copper color cap that fits securely on top.  The dispenser itself, however, is the most impressive part and it may be unfamiliar to many wet shavers.  The serum is released through a center hole onto a slightly concave pump mechanism. This allows you to dispense a small amount of the product onto a working surface where you can then simply dip your fingers tips and apply to the face as needed.  The significance of this airless jar design is that it protects the serum from any oxidation from exposure to air and keeps you from placing your fingers directly into the product.  These airless jars are used by some of the most exclusive brands in the cosmetics and skincare industry for products that are formulated with sensitive ingredients to maintain their purity as well as provide a more hygienic way of using them without worrying about contamination or spoilage.

TwinLuxe Booster Serum TwinLuxe Booster Serum

The Booster Serum itself is a crystal clear liquid that is very smooth and silky in texture.  The serum has no artificial colorants added and has a very light fragrance that is similar to the Smooth Shave Cream’s fresh and clean aroma, only more subtle and lighter in strength.  The smooth texture allowed it to be applied easily by dipping my fingertips in the small pool of serum from the dispenser and rubbing directly onto my skin. Because it spread and absorbed into the skin very smoothly, it provided a pre-shave treatment that was slick without being greasy or oily like lesser quality pre-shave products.  The serum felt very gentle on the skin and was formulated to be both a nourishing conditioner as well as an extra barrier of protection between my face and the blade.  After applying a thin layer of the Booster Serum, I applied my shaving cream directly over it.

Despite the TwinLuxe system being different than the traditional wet shaving products that I routinely use, combining the Booster Serum with the Smooth Shave Cream has resulted in shaves that far exceeded my expectations.  The Smooth Shave Cream alone provides a well lubricated and protective surface for my shaves without having to add additional water or even use a shaving brush.  The Booster Serum goes a step further in adding the benefit of not only additional protection and lubrication, but also made my face feel amazing. Despite the gentle exfoliation from the blade, my face felt moisturized and healthy after the final rinse at the end of my cutting sequence. I have enjoyed using the TwinLuxe products together as a system, but would not see any reason why the Booster Serum would not perform equally well with any quality shaving cream on the market.

In addition to its effectiveness as a pre-shave product, the Booster Serum can also be used as a skin relief treatment after the shave, before applying your aftershave of choice.  This is very useful in the trouble spots that most men have along the neck and jaw line where irritation is commonly encountered.  Applying a thin application of the Booster Serum does a great job of soothing any irritation and helping your skin recover more quickly. 

The Booster Serum’s performance as both a pre- and post-shave treatment has proven it to be more of a skincare product beyond a regular shaving product. The ingredients list includes skin nourishing elements, such as panthenol, which is derived from vitamin B5 to enhance soft and smooth skin, and sodium hyaluronate, which is a hard-core moisturizer. You can view the key ingredients here. I have never done a separate skincare regimen because my shaving routine has provided adequate exfoliation and moisturizing, but this product is a real combination between high-quality shaving and high-quality skincare.

And, speaking of high quality, it comes with a high price tag as would be expected from a luxury cosmetic in its class. A 50 ml / 1.67 fl oz jar is available from TwinLuxe for $76.00 USD. It would be unfair to compare it to other pre-shave products available from traditional wet shaving suppliers because it offers so much more than lubrication and razor protection. If you have sensitive skin or have had irritation or dryness from traditional products, then I highly recommend the TwinLuxe Booster Serum. These products will also appeal to men who want to experience a luxury men’s line with the latest in anti-aging and hydrating shaving care.

I primarily favor using a shaving brush and traditional lather for my daily shaving routine, but the TwinLuxe system has saved me from settling for mediocre results or having to skip my shave on those rough mornings where I have to get out the door in a hurry. The products are very fast to use and the packaging allows the right amount to be dispensed for a perfect application.  In addition, this system has offered me unique products to use when I want to rejuvenate my skin, and feel and look great. The brand may be new to the market, but the performance of the shaving system, and specifically the TwinLuxe Booster Serum, should ensure that it is around a long, long time.

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