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TwinLuxe Soothing Face Balm

TwinLuxe Soothing Face Balm

The TwinLuxe Soothing Face Balm is packaged in a very high-quality pump bottle that is probably the nicest presentation of a shaving product that I have ever used.  Much like the Smooth Shave Cream, the walls of the plastic bottle are thick and almost resemble frosted glass with a golden color base.  The cap on the product is a large white plastic dome which protects the air pump mechanism that dispenses the product. Most balms are in simple glass or plastic bottles that allow a shaver to pour out the product, but TwinLuxe’s pump bottle ensures that the right amount is dispensed each time and the product is not accidently spilled or wasted.  In addition, I was impressed to learn that this packaging was carefully chosen to keep the face balm fresh by avoiding air exposure as is customary for high-end products in the cosmetics industry. 

TwinLuxe Soothing Face Balm TwinLuxe Soothing Face Balm

The balm itself is pure white and silky smooth in texture. The perfect amount of product that I needed for my post-shave routine was dispensed with only one pump of the bottle.  The fragrance of the balm was identical to the Smooth Shave Cream -- a very fresh and clean scent with a natural aroma of botanicals and light mint-like accents.  Because many men (including me) enjoy traditional wood, floral, or citrus-type scents in their shaving products, TwinLuxe’s unique fragrance is refreshing and very enjoyable.  It is not all overbearing and dries down nicely without clashing with my choice of cologne.

After completing my shaves, I followed my usual routine of rinsing any remaining cream from my face and splashing it with cold water.  Leaving my face damp, I took a single pump of the Soothing Face Balm and lightly rubbed my hands together before gently rubbing it onto my skin.  The balm is not greasy at all and absorbed into my skin nicely. The balm spread smoothly and instantly soothed any irritation with a very nice cooling effect.  The cooling is more of a subtle and natural feeling, not harsh or intense like cheaper mentholated products can often feel. 

I have used the Soothing Face Balm many times and I am more and more impressed with how smoothly it applies to the skin without making my face feel oily or causing any issues with clogged pores like lower quality balms can sometimes do.  This balm is formulated to help the skin recover after shaving as well as provide a nutrient-rich skin treatment that helps keep the skin moisturized and looking healthy.  From my experiences using it and seeing how my skin looks and feels throughout the day, I have found that the product does an outstanding job of accomplishing this goal.

The Soothing Face Balm is a bit of an investment compared to most other balms because it is priced at $64 USD for a 120 ml / 4 oz bottle. The small amount of product needed for a single application actually makes it a greater value and a bottle would easily last most men several months of regular use. The TwinLuxe Soothing Face Balm is one of the best aftershave balms in my regular rotation.  After moving past my initial hesitations to try the non-lathering formulation of the Smooth Shave Cream and having very positive experiences with these two products, I have found the quality of the TwinLuxe brand to be consistent and impressive shave after shave. 

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