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Satin Tip The Purest Shaving Brush

Satin Tip The Purest Shaving Brush

This synthetic shaving brush is top shelf. It is going to rival any of your favorite natural brushes without shedding, smells or hair breakdown. This is a synthetic shaving brush that is affordable, durable, splays excellent, builds huge lather, loads easily, has backbone and honestly out performs or rivals any synthetic we have ever tested.

The fundamental goal of the folks behind The Satin Tip - The Purest is to produce a perfect synthetic shaving brush from the highest quality components at the lowest possible price point all with a lifetime warranty. To accomplish this Satin Tip spent over a year in development of their bushes and sought out the consultation of experts in the wet shaving field like Alex Jacques and Dave Hammack. Why synthetic (I never thought I would be a fan 4 years ago)? The Purest in conjunction with The Blades Grim make their point very clear why in the Video Here

Satin Tip Shave Brush Slip Case

Satin Tip Shave Brush Slip Case Open

Satin Tip Black Synthetic Shave Brush With Slip Case

Satin Tip Black Synthetic Shave Brush With Bowl and Lather

Satin Tip Black Synthetic Shave Brush With Slip Case And Lather

Satin Tip Black Synthetic Shave Brush With Lather

Satin Tip Black Synthetic Shave Brush Detail


OK so this brush has had lots of press already with tons of positive reviews by anyone who has used the brush. So I was excited to get my first crack at this synthetic shaving brush. I had read and reviewed videos so I was aware that the public consensus was that the white brush had a bit of a softer feel even though the manufacturer indicates the knots are the same. Therefore the difference in feel is attributed to the dye in the black brush. I was immediately impressed with the look and the feel of these brushes. The handle is amazing and that soft rubberized coated handle is something to hold. This gives it a great feel and reassurance of no-slipping when coated with lather. Then there is the price point; Classic Shaving and other stores typically have this brush selling for under $20 bucks! You can find these brushes and other synthetic brushes Here. This price point is the bottom pricing for any quality synthetic brush and this one comes with a very attractive travel slip case. Most synthetic brushes range in price from $15-75 with some up to and over $150. These Satin Tip brushes rival and/or out-perform the best synthetic brushes out there. Now let's dive into why...

Satin Tip - The Purest, like most nice synthetic brushes, arrived in a coated paper slip case that will work well for travel and proper storage of the brush. The brush was then wrapped in a plastic sleeve. I was excited to see both of these brushes and the unwrapping just heightened that excitement. The brushes had a great feel and were lighter than I had expected. The knots measured 52mm x 23mm. The brush tips are amazing with a very soft feel and a surprising amount of backbone giving these brushes great splay. This won't be a scrubby brush for you boar brush fans, however it will not collapse on your face either like many synthetics that have no spring. These brushes performed very well on all my quick out of the box tests. Now time for lathering and a shave.

Lathering up. I soaked the brushes both in hot water for a few minutes then proceeded to load with Smolder Shave Soap. The load was easy thanks to a great backbone and splay of the brush. I used the Black Brush on the right side of my face and the White Brush on the left. I built up the lather in my trusty Van Der Hagen black mug that I have used ever since first getting started with Wet Shaving 4 years ago. Within about 25-30 whips and a bit of water I had a thick amazing lather. These brushes held that lather for 2 passes and damn near 3 had I not been squeezing it out with amazement after the first and second passes. I don't see how you can go wrong with these brushes and honestly I am impressed with all aspects of these synthetics and at this price point I was not expecting this performance or quality.

Satin Tip - The Purest has managed to produce an amazingly well-made synthetic shaving brush. It shows quality manufacturing throughout from the packaging to the performance. Even more important would be to emphasize the thought put into the details of the brush. The lighter weight was a turn off for me at first but that light weight combined with the satin feeling extra grip handle really work well together. It was effortless to load and created explosive lather. It is always enjoyable to use a product that addresses problems that are not super obvious.

Satin Tip White Synthetic and Black Synthetic Shave Brush Detail

Bottom Line: No more animal hair will be scrubbing this face anytime soon and with this kind of performance and price I don't think it ever will again. Especially after watching that video...

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