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The OneBlade Review

The OneBlade Review

This Oneblade safety razor is the finest single edge safety razor I have ever used. I absolutely have loved shaving with this highly refined precision instrument. It will rival any of your go to safety razors. This shaver comes well thought out and ready for a lifetime of use backed by a warranty that makes it clear. This product is the concept and passion of Porter Stansberry who had a personal goal and commitment to excellence. That passion shows all the way through with OneBlade from the initial un-boxing to your first shave...

The fundamental goal of the OneBlade Razor is to manufacture the worlds finest razor from the highest quality components to the highest standards all of this secured with a lifetime warranty. To accomplish this over 1 million dollars in research has been spent and several years of product testing have gone into the OneBlade Razor. As a razor manufacturer myself I can and do appreciate the effort the OneBlade team has put forward. For the last 3 months OneBlade has been in my shaving rotation and I thoroughly enjoy the results. I am a head shaver and this razor works effortlessly for keeping my cranium looking great and makes the task of head shaving enjoyable and effortless.

OneBlade Razor Flex Head

OneBlade Leather Case

OneBlade Open Case

OneBlade Razor

OneBlade Razor Handle Detail

OneBlade Razor Shave Head Detail

OneBlade Razor Stand Detail

OneBlade Razor with Stand

OneBlade Razor with Stand Detail

OneBlade Razor with Stand Detail 2

OneBlade Razor Stand Side Detail

OneBlade Razor Stand Angle Detail

OneBlade Razor Back of Head

OneBlade Razor Side Profile

OneBlade Razor Top Angle Detail

OneBlade has had a significant amount of press already with tons of positive reviews by anyone who has used the razor. Along with the typical snarky blog/forum responses by the shave trolls of the world that can't understand spending $300.00 on a quality razor that will last them a lifetime. These are the same people that will expect for socialist Bernie to give them free shave gear for life and are to busy sitting around complaining about the price of things while waiting for their EBT cards to arrive to actually contribute anything to society or get a job... Sorry I digress OK back to OneBlade. I was excited when my package showed up late last year and I am happy I spend $300.00 of my hard earned money on it. I dug into it with great respect for the care put forth in packaging and immediately popped in a blade and headed to the washroom to get my first crack at this beautifully refined stainless steel piece of art. The first pass was great so I followed up with another with the grain, x grain and finally going against the grain. All of them comfortable and fast for a new razor. This razor is easy to find the sweet spots and keep the position just right for optimal cutting. It also discharges hair easily with minimum water pressure. Pros and Cons below...

OneBlade Pros: This is a high quality product build with passion and a goal for excellence that is evident from all aspects of the OneBlade razor. I think they have a home-run with OneBlade to the point as a manufacturer I am jealous at just how DAMN good this razor really is. So lets start at the beginning. The packaging is top notch. Extreme care is shown on all points after removing the wrapping paper (labeled with the matching serial number of your razor) you find a beautiful hand stitched leather case. Inside this case you will find care and instructions nestled on top of high density foam that opens to reveal Feather blades, your OneBlade razor and an attractive stand. I unwrapped a Feather blade and easily slid and snapped it into place. The razors handle slips perfectly around the matching stainless steel stand for functionally beautiful storage.

OneBlade Cons: It is not made in the USA it is made in China (don't get to bent out of shape over this most likely your reading this on an iPhone...). I typically sport a goatee and there is a significant amount of distance from the edge of the razor body to the actual cutting edge making it difficult to keep the lines tight with the OneBlade (see image directly below). As a side note be sure to change your blades before starting to shave. A couple of times I have tried to go beyond 2 shaves with the blade and it is a bit troublesome to try and change blades with wet / soapy hands... But that is not really an issue with the razor more so user. I would recommend OneBlade consulting with Feather to put a few holes on the back side of these blades that would eliminate the slipping issues when trying to remove the blade.

OneBlade Razor Side Gap


Bottom Line: The OneBlade Razor is an exceptional value and an amazing razor that you should own. If you are an avid wet-shaver you should most certainly have one. If you suffer from shaving irritation this like any good safety razor or straight razor will solve that problem for you. If you dread shaving this will make it enjoyable. The OneBlade Razor can be purchased here

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Shane Rife - April 2, 2021

Got one for Christmas Did not get here till Jan. One blade good for one shave, Then it was dull . On the second shave I had to go back to my single blade Bic. Then the one blade fell on the floor of the shower and broke. Piece of garbage.

Lee Khan - April 2, 2021

Wow! Am I so glad I came up on and read this review of tHis modern single edge razor brand; I had been contemplating to pull the trigger on their. $21.00 monthly club; boy am I so glad I resisted the temptation; i have just learned about the dingle blade razors from reviews of the various safety, double edge razors on Amazon and other sites; and just invested in the classic, all American GEM razor as well as the Schlick injector type N; I’ve already started to purchase blades for these age old, razors and was just about to abandon them for the modern OneBlade razor. I had a hunch a tried and true American made classic can never be duplicated and based on this review I was correct! Now I’ve saved some money by not squandering money on the ONEBlADE razor club which isn’t even an AMERICAN brand. Thank you, classic dhaving

Mike - April 2, 2021

Unfortunately this razor doesn’t deliver the sharpness it claims. In my experience it functions a lot like all the other single blade razors with a slightly thicker more durable blade but no matter how slow I go or how much lubrication I use it still pulls. Also the head is far too large to get to the upper lip underneath the nose efficiently. It’s a nice looking razor but sharp? Hardly…

Greg Gompers - April 3, 2021

No comment. Just need to place an order.

Harry Frank - April 3, 2021

I wrote off this product the moment you got political.

Donald Glick - November 25, 2019

My problem is not as much with the razor but the blade. The Feather FHS-10 blade is both expensive and frail; good for only one clean shave. The original OneBlade Razor would accept a de-spined Gem blade, but the newer ones won’t. I can get as many as six good shaves from a Gem blade, and they are cheaper and easier to obtain. Also it is difficult to shave under my nose because of the blade’s distance from the edge; a problem shared by the Occam’s Razor, which you manufacture. Eventually I sold my OneBlade, because it wasn’t my best shaver, although it was my most expensive razor. I get better shaves from my 90 year old Gem Junior. As for newer razors, the one I’m most impressed with is the Blackland Vector; I will probably buy one eventually. The OneBlade, for me, was not a keeper. That is my opinion. Take it or leave it. Your mileage may vary.

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