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Castle Forbes The Pre-Shave

Castle Forbes The Pre-Shave

Caste Forbes The Pre-ShaveThe Pre-Shave product of their line is a perfect example of this unique and slightly different approach. It is marketed as oil free and water soluble so unlike other oil based Pre-shaves the rinse is completely clean and it will not damage the shave brush as some other pre-shaves are thought to do. The result is an opaque white and rather thin liquid which is very light and feels unlike any of the other pre-shaves on the market.

Very little of the product is required to do its job, and considering the price this is a very good thing. Upon application to the face, I have noticed that both long and short stubble alike seem much more grabby and rough. The lotion does not seem to make any difference to the lathering qualities of creams or soaps, which personally I like. The shave results also do seem to be closer and certainly there is much less irritation, even when being slightly more aggressive then I should be.

The product comes in a very attractive glass bottle and is nearly scentless. It is very expensive though, coming in at around $40 USD per bottle and you get 125ml in the bottle. Seeing as how you can use so little product to get the results it is not quite as expensive as it sounds.

Beyond the somewhat frightening price-tag, Castle Forbes Pre-shave comes quite highly recommended in my view.

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