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Method Shaving Video: From Mix to Finish

What is Method Shaving? Click here for the 15-second answer.

This video is NOT intended to represent a real-time shave or the number of razor passes required to complete a shave using the DE razor and Hydrolast system.  The actual Method Shave process, once the techniques are learned, only takes 6 to 10 minutes to complete the shave.


Here Charles demonstrates the full method shave process from start to finish.  Also covered are some of his variations of cutting techniques that he has taught to shavers over there years through his clinics.  The ability to cut faster, as demonstrated in this video, and more efficiently is where Method Shaving really excels.  While this video shows the full shave process from beginning to end, it does not serve as a suitable training guide for the cutting forms.  In this demonstration, Charles covers various cutting forms and techniques, which require more time and repetition to properly demonstrate.


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