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Proraso Aftershave Splash

Proraso Aftershave Splash

Proraso Aftershave Splash

Having used most of the shaving products in the Proraso line, I never found the medicinal scent and menthol content to be particularly appealing.  The only item that I had never tried, which Target did not stock, was the aftershave splash.  I recently obtained a bottle and found this to be quite a different product from its aftershave balm counterpart.  This aftershave splash comes nicely packaged in a clear glass bottle and has a light green shade to it.  From its appearance, one would think this would be heavily scented splash, but it is not.  This aftershave has some of the signature medicinal scent that Proraso is known for; however, it much more subtle and actually very pleasant to the nose.  Applying this splash after shaving left my face feeling soothed and very well conditioned.  The menthol content was light and did not have the intense cooling sensation like other heavily mentholated splashes that I have tried.  The alcohol dissipated nicely and left my skin feeling smooth and not dried out at all.  Several minutes after applying, the eucalyptus scent was still lightly noticeable, but not present enough to conflict with my choice of cologne, a quality that I really like in an aftershave.

Many skincare professionals advise against the use of alcohol-based aftershaves because they often have a tendency to dry out the skin.  I find the Proraso splash to be quite gentle and soothing with a good moisturizing effect.  Unless you have significant skin sensitivity or just do not prefer this type of aftershave product, I think this makes a great option for a traditional aftershave splash.  At only $16.00 for a 100ml bottle, this product is well worth the small investment and performs just as well as many aftershaves twice the price.

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