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Muhle R89 Safety Razor

Muhle R89 Safety Razor

Most razors under $75.00 are well made and functional, but are usually not as visually appealing as the luxury razors in the higher price ranges. My first impression of the R89 out of the box was that the razor looks much more attractive with its lower profile lines and not as industrial in appearance as the handle designs that I'm accustomed to seeing. The razor is also slightly lighter in overall weight which appears to be well distributed between the head and the handle, not making it too top or bottom heavy. The handle features a knurled grip surface with the Mühle name engraved between the two rings at the base. The knurling is not as coarse in texture as many of the popular Merkur razors, such as the 34C, but does provide a comfortable grip that is useful for preventing the razor from easily slipping in your hand when wet.

The head of the Mühle razor is the part I found to be the most impressive. The two-piece cutting head is precision made and fits together perfectly insuring that the blade is centered correctly when secured in the razor. The chrome plating work on the top and bottom of the head is absolutely flawless, and there are no visible signs of unevenness around the edges.

The blade exposure on the R89 provides a very comfortable shave. The razor is not aggressive at all and would be very useful for men who may have issues with skin sensitivity and need a gentler shave. Some shavers have compared the cutting action of the R89 to that of the vintage Gillette Super Speed razors, which are well known for being less aggressive. I find the cutting action of this razor combined with Feather blades provides a close and comfortable shave every time with zero irritation.

Muhle R106 and R89 Safety Razors

Mühle also produces a black handled version of this razor, the R106, as well as an open comb version, the R41. The R89 is slightly more expensive than some of the mid-priced razors at $61.00 USD, but its superior construction and comfortable shaving qualities make it well worth the investment.

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