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Feather Nanka Shaving Gel

Feather Nanka Shaving Gel

Nanka Shaving GelThere are simply some days when I do not have time for the full shaving procedure. I am running late or am lazy and do not want to get a brush out and make my own lather. I need something that will be easy to apply, will not need a huge amount of prep and will clean up easy while not destroying my face or even better, giving me a GOOD shave. Nanka gel does all that and is pretty cool to boot.

Nanka and Kanwa (Kanwa Herbal Aftershave is discussed in another review, but it needs mentioning here, too) were developed for the barber scene in Japan as an easy, effective and STERILE (there is that word again) way to offer quality shaves. The idea is you apply Nanka and let it sit in for a few moments and then shave as usual and you get a result that is the same as a lathered shave cream. You know what? It does just that every single time for me. When I apply Nanka and let it sit for 3-4 minutes, it softened my stubble to the point where I am able to shave comfortably and without irritation. That is all I am asking of it and it does the job. End of story really.

Nanka is unscented and is a thick gel. It has no colour and no properties other than softening hair and being water soluble so it keeps equipment clean and free of build up. It is probably one of those simple products I have ever reviewed since just about everyone can use it. You need not worry about the smell getting in the way or having soap scum to worry about. Only one negative comes to mind: the gel goes on cold. However, Nanka is not meant for the experience; it is meant to get a job done and to do it quickly.

Nanka is available online and for the standard size pump bottle it runs about $29.99 for 500 grams. The cool thing is that you get refills for this pump bottle instead of having to buy a whole new pump bottle every time you need one. Refills are 1 kilogram in size and run about $44.99, which is a good savings as opposed to buying endless pump bottles. You can also get yourself a little trial pair of Nanka and Kanwa for $8.99, and you can reuse these little bottles for travel purposes later by refilling them.

If you are simply looking for a quick and effective shave when you are in a hurry, Nanka is for you and it comes highly recommended.

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