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Feather Kanwa Herbal Aftershave

Feather Kanwa Herbal Aftershave

Kanwa Herbal AftershaveDeveloped for barbershop use in Japan, Kanwa comes in the same type of pump bottle that Nanka comes in only it is green labelled instead of blue. It is another unique product for the fact it is only of the few unscented aftershaves on the market which makes it great for those that do not want the scent of their aftershave fighting with the scent of their cologne or whatever else. Also due to the lack of scent, Kanwa might be nice for those with allergies as there would be no worry about a scent affective you as you put it on which is a nice plus. As always when it comes to allergies though, be sure to consult with your personal medical professional if you have concerns.

Kanwa absorbs quickly as well and is actually quite soothing. It goes on cool like Nanka, but after a shave that is quite pleasant and refreshing. It will look sticky for about 45 seconds post shave and then you will never know it is there, which is also a great feature for an aftershave.

Kanwa comes in a half sized bottle compared to Nanka, and is priced at around $19.99 for a 250 gram pump bottle. The 500 gram refill is around $29.99 so the savings show in getting the refill. You can also pick it up in trial/travel sized bottles packed with Nanka for $8.99 which is a great way to try two great products together.

For those that want to match the Nanka Shaving Gel, or those simply looking for an effective and soothing unscented aftershave gel, you owe it to yourself to try Kanwa. Both are a staple in my rotation and I love them both.

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