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Yes! I want you to have my new razor hand-honed before I receive it. Only by shaving with a properly sharpened razor can one appreciate the optimal quality, comfort, and closeness of a straight razor shave. Whether hand-honing your razor is an art you have not yet mastered or a chore you prefer not to do, we can do it for you. The razor you order will be separated from the balance of your order. We will ship your new razor to the sharpening service for you and ship the balance of your order from our California shipping center. By selecting this service on your DOVO razor you acknowledge and accept DOVO's warranty statement: (ATTENTION: Please note it is Dovo’s policy that sharpening done by ANYONE (including you, the buyer) outside of their own factory craftsmen renders their 2-year warranty null and void. By purchasing a Dovo razor that is professionally-sharpened by ClassicShaving, you are acknowledging Dovo’s policy on its warranty status.) Also, please note, our Hart Razors, Dylan Farnham Razors, and Harner Razors are sharpened to be shave-ready out of the box and DO NOT need this sharpening service. After hand-honing your new shave-ready razor will be shipped directly to you by mail.

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