Unlike gimmicky drug store razors that require the purchase of new blade cartridges, straight razors are built to last a lifetime and provide the absolute best shave for years to come. However, straight razors do require care to increase their likelihood of longevity. At ClassicShaving.com, we not only offer the very best straight razor repair, but also offer straight razor sharpening service that will help keep your blade cutting close and keeping you as dapper as you deserve to be. Along with straight razor sharpening, we also offer rescaling and so much more.

We also have the capabilities to hone your new razor before it ships to you. It’s important to remember that only by shaving with a properly sharpened razor can one experience and appreciate the optimal quality, comfort, and closeness that comes with a straight razor shave. When you want to ensure a long lifespan for your new straight razor, choose our straight razor repair service. ClassicShaving.com takes pride in providing men the absolute best shaving and grooming tools guaranteed.