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Floid After Shave

Floid After Shave

Italian Floid Amber Aftershave Italian Floid Blue Aftershave

Produced in Bologna, Italy, for over 75 years, the Italian Floïd After Shave comes in Amber and Blue varieties. The traditional Amber aftershave is packaged in vintage-styled 75ml and 400ml heavy glass bottles with a plastic top. This bottle already has a shaker-style top built in. The scent is light and has a traditional barbershop essence. It is a light powdery finish, but does not linger so you can still wear your favorite cologne.

The Blue line has been discontinued, but can still be found online at popular shaving retailers. This is a more modern crisp scent that is very similar to Aqua Velva. Like the Amber aftershave, it is also packaged in a glass bottle. It, too, leaves the skin feeling fresh and soothes the skin after a shave without drying out the skin.

Spanish Floid Vigoroso Aftershave Spanish Floid Suave Aftershave

The Spanish Floïd was the original aftershave formula that was developed by the house of Haugron in 1932 and is now produced by Revlon of Spain. The Spanish Floïd After Shave also comes in two varieties: Vigoroso and Suave. While they both are orange in color, Vigoroso has a greater amount of menthol. Both smell similar to the Italian Floïd, but for the lack of a better term, they are "kicked up a notch." The fragrance is sharper and they have higher alcohol content. The packaging is also a vintage-styled sturdy glass bottle, but they are shipped in 150ml bottles. There is also a limited edition version of the Vigoroso that is available in 400ml bottles.

I would be hard pressed not to have Floïd in my rotation. I wholeheartedly recommend a trial size, or to be adventurous and buy a bottle. You surely will not be disappointed.

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