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Parker Travel Safety Razor

Parker Travel Safety Razor

Parker Travel Safety RazorTravel razors have been on the market for many years, and most major razor manufacturers offer a travel model. Travel razors are usually small, light-weight, or disassemble into small pieces to save space in a toiletry bag. Travel razors usually come in a self-contained unit to keep it protected. Often they are presented in a leather case, which is not only convenient and durable, but gives it a classy appeal as a quality accessory.  And of course, travel razors have “the gadget factor” because they assemble into a full-sized (or almost full-sized) safety razor.

While travel razors are nice conveniences when I am away from home, there are many drawbacks to using a travel razor over my every day, go-to razors. Usually they have an awkward weight and feel.  Most travel razors sacrifice size to be portable causing the grip to be adjusted to find the right shaving angle and pressure.  Shaving with an undersized or out-of-balance handle is not enjoyable to use, so I usually opt for a full-size razor in a leather travel case instead of a typical travel razor when I am away from home.

The Parker Travel Safety Razor is the first travel razor that gives me the feel and performance of a full-size safety razor. While most travel products sacrifice size for portability, Parker Safety Razors has engineered a sturdy full-size razor that disassembles for compact storage while traveling. I am impressed with this razor because it does not even feel like a travel razor. It is sturdy enough to be used every day.

Parker Travel Safety RazorWhen I first opened the box, I was impressed with the felt-lined leather case, which is higher quality and more attractive than other brands’ cases in this style. The Parker Travel Safety Razor itself has a full-size weight and feel, so it does not perform like a travel razor. Unlike other travel razors, this razor has a tight-fitting assembly that is sturdy and, again, does not feel like a travel razor.  It has a quality fit and finish; the knurling is precise, head alignment is good, and the plating is evenly applied. The cutting head is the standard Parker Safety Razor head that has an established reputation that has improved since Parker came to market. Finally, it has a low price point compared to popular German-made razors of similar style.

The Parker Travel Safety Razor is what a travel razor should be.  It cuts, looks, and feels like your favorite full-size Parker, with a smooth disassembly and felt-lined travel case. And at only around $30, there is no reason a frequent (or infrequent) traveler would be without one in his toiletry bag. While you may add the Travel Infrared Sauna to your holiday wish list, the Parker Travel Safety Razor is far more practical and affordable.

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