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Castle Forbes Lime Essential Oil Aftershave Balm

Castle Forbes Lime Essential Oil Aftershave Balm

C.F. Lime AftershaveI really do like how this balm makes my skin feel. It is quite soft on the skin and sinks in very quickly and does not leave any shine at all even as it is drying. While I would not call it particularly soothing in the normal sense of the word, it does make the skin feel better even and it does reduce excess redness on my skin after a shave if there is any present. There is no cooling effect at all but the best way I can describe it as comforting. Once dry the skin is left very soft and smooth and this feeling lasts a good while.

I have the Lime scent and I like it a lot, however a word of warning to those who are fans of other lime products out there. This is what I would call a very strong and 'true' lime scent. It smells nothing like the Trumper offering or really any other on the market. Personally I would liken it to a fresh cut lime as opposed to a lime candy. Real Lime EO is used in the product and it is also marketed to help with nicks post shave.

Like the Castle Forbes Pre-Shave, this comes in the same 125ml glass bottle. The price is even higher however and you will normally find it in the $50USD range at your favourite online retailer. Once again considering how little you use, it does go a long way.

If you are able to afford it and are prepared for a slightly different scent of Lime, you certainly cannot go wrong in giving this balm a shot. I highly recommend it.

Note: Castle Forbes also makes Lavender, Cedarwood, and Sandalwood and '1445' versions of the Aftershave Balm.

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